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Advance Poultry Nutrition and Feed Milling

Continue Education on "Advance Poultry Nutrition and Feed Milling" for Veterinarians

3-7 Dec. 2018 | Chitwan, Nepal


Veterinarians are the key technical expertise involved in feed manufacture, feed formulation and marketing services. Approx. 50 vets are directly involved to this industry and these technical persons are the strong boon to serve.  In present scenario, approximately 160 veterinarians are graduated from Nepal each year, among which 30% of them get engaged directly in poultry sector as a field practitioner, farm manager or be involved in the feed formulation, management and post-sales service for the feed mills. In spite of good acquaintance of new veterinarians on nutrient and nutrition, they lack the practicability of their knowledge. The working efficiency of the veterinarians can be sharpened through this type of hands-on training and practical implications of their knowledge in the way that can be more functional for the growth of Nepalese poultry industry.

With immense motive to train the registered veterinarians working in feed industries, the 5-days intensive hands-on training as “Continue Education on Advance Poultry Nutrition and Feed Milling” has been planned to be organized by Nepal Veterinary Association (Province # 3) and Nepal Veterinary Council (NVC) from 3 - 7 Dec., 2018 (17-21 Mansir 2075) at Bharatpur, Chitwan. The event’s participants will be veterinarian working for commercial feed industries or working as nutritionists of key poultry industries/farms whereas the resource persons will be the renound nutritionists, scientists and feed engineers from aboard and Nepal. The training will focus to train one batch of 25-30 vets who are already engaged in the feed industries and another batch of 25-30 vets (new comers) who are willing to join the industry.

Training Objectives

The main objective of this workshop is to discuss the important elements of establishing the nutrient needs of poultry and how to match those nutrient needs with available ingredients. We hope that the participants learn to optimize profitability by matching established nutrient needs of the poultry with appropriate ingredient mixtures. The participants should be able to take away the following information from this training:

  • Basics of poultry digestion
  • Understanding feed formulation and specific nutritional needs in poultry
  • Feed ingredients: their usage, inclusion level in feed and their probable harms in excess input
  • Focus on evaluation of additives to enhance health and performance in experimental and field conditions
  • Feed supplements/premixes in terms of nutrient composition, their variant and constraints in terms of requirement of enzymes and usage of matrixes to reduce the cost.
  • Feed Milling process and Quality Control
  • Feed Marketing and Veterinarians role in technical service

Target Participants of the Training:

This training program is specifically developed for registered veterinarians, assigned as:

  • Poultry veterinarians as carrier beginner
  • Poultry farm managers / technical managers
  • Feed mill nutritionists
  • Quality control
  • Post sales service

The training will be conducted in English language.

This training will train approx. 50-60 veterinarians. Two simultaneous batches of the stranding will be conducted on same date. One batch will have fresh new comer veterinarians while another batch will have participants from feed industries who are already been working for.