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Internship Guidelines

Internship Program of B.V.Sc. & A.H. degree

Nepal Veterinary Council has formulated guidelines for the Internship Program of B.V.Sc. & A.H. which MUST be followed by every institution, as minimum guidelines as directed by the Minimum Standard By-Laws for B.V.Sc. & A.H. degree 2063.

(a)   Every student of B.V.Sc. &A.H. degree course shall be required after passing all courses to undergo compulsory rotating internship to the satisfaction of the University for a minimum period of six calendar months so-as to be eligible for the award   of the degree of B.V.Sc & AH. and full registration with the Council.

(b)   Compulsory rotating internship shall include a full time training in veterinary and animal husbandry services (including emergencies and night duties, Saturday and holidays). The intern will devote whole time to the training and will not be allowed to accept a whole time or part time appointment paid or otherwise,

(c)   Internship shall be undertaken only after completion of all credit requirements of veterinary curriculum including Tracking Programs, Study Circles, Entrepreneurship Training, etc. as prescribed under these regulations.

(d)   The  university  shall  issue  a provisional  course  completion  certificate  of  having passed  all  the  professional  examinations  and  having  successfully  completed course  work till 8th semester and the candidates are under 9th semester final exam.

(e)   The Veterinary Council of Nepal will grant provisional registration to the candidate on production of provisional B.V.Sc. &A.H. course completion certificate, duly filled application form by the internee candidates and covering request letter from the campus/faculty/institute. The provisional registration will be for a minimum period of six months.

(f)    After provisional registration with the Veterinary Council of Nepal, the candidate shall register for internship of six calendar months.

(g)   Interns will be actively involved in rendering veterinary service under the   supervision of an experienced, specialized and NVC registered veterinarians.

(h)   They shall assist the supervisor in all activities of the units they are posted in and must follow all the instruction and guidelines as given by their respective supervisor.

(i)    During the period of internship they shall be provided remuneration in the form of internship allowance as decided by internship committee.

(j)    Attendance will be compulsory. The candidate will be entitled for 10 days casual leave, during the entire 6 months period. The leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right until and unless the sanctioning authority sanctions it. If an intern willfully absents from the training program even if for part of a day or during off hours duty (including Sundays/holidays) he/ she may be treated absent for that day. The candidate will be required to undergo training for the additional days in lieu of the absence period and internship allowance will not be paid for these additional days.

(k)   The internship program shall be monitored by a committee constituted by the Dean under his/her chairmanship including among others the Director of VTH and Director of ILFC as members. This Committee shall monitor effective implementation of the internship training program from time to time. The member secretary would be the Director of VTH or the Departmental Heads. NVC may invigilate the internship program from their internal committee too.

(l)    In  case  of  unsatisfactory  work/  performance  and/or  shortage  of  attendance,  the period of compulsory rotating internship shall be extended by not more than two months by the appropriate authority. If this period is more than two months, the intern  has  to  re-register  afresh  for  internship  program  for  entire  six  calendar months including registration with the Nepal Veterinary  Council.

(m) Internship allowance will be paid only for six calendar months.  No internship allowance will be paid for the period of absence/unsatisfactory performance/extended periods.

(n)   The compulsory  rotating  internship  for  six  calendar  months  shall  be  done in teaching  and  approved  Veterinary  Hospitals /Veterinary  Polyclinics,  Livestock Farms, Veterinary Disease Investigation Laboratories, Veterinary Biological Centers, Wildlife Centers, etc. as well as undertaken at approved veterinary institutions of Nepal.

(o)   The compulsory rotating internship shall be in the following areas:

  • Clinical training covering veterinary medicine, surgery and radiology, animal reproduction, gynaecology and obstetrics, clinical emergencies, indoor ward care, hospital management, record keeping etc. for three months.
  • Livestock production and management training, covering farm routines of cattle and buffalo farms, piggery/rabbitary, sheep and goat farms, and equine/camel unit, etc. for one month.
  • Poultry production and management covering layer and broiler production, hatchery and chick management, quail, turkey, duck units etc. as well as fishery or any other recycling unit where feasible, for one month.
  • Livestock technology and services covering familiarization in biological product units, disease control campaigns (disease investigation and sample collection and dispatch, vaccination, mass testing etc.) in plant training in meat plants, dairy plants, etc. training in zoo/ wild life center/ national parks, for one month.

(p)   Details of day to day work, posting and duration needs to be worked out by the Veterinary Institution as per its needs and infrastructure facilities.

(q)   Where an Intern is posted to a recognized Veterinary hospital for training, a representative of the faculty or site advisor and the Director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital shall regulate the training of such interns.

(r)    Every Intern shall render professional veterinary service, skill and knowledge under supervision and guidance of a registered veterinary practitioner working in the approved Veterinary Institution.

(s)    Function, responsibilities and duties of Interns:

  • Participation with clinical faculty in the hospital practice.
  • Shares the emergency and night duties on rotation in the larger and small animal hospitals including Sundays & holidays.
  • Participation with staff of the place of posting in Veterinary Practice (production or technology).
  • The intern responsibilities include hands-on diagnostic and treatment procedures for hospitalized cases under the supervision of the attending veterinarian.
  • Participation in the tutorial instructional program of the Veterinary Faculty.
  • The intern will administer primary care to emergency cases and participate in service such as anaesthesia, radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy, laboratory and diagnostic procedures. Medicine and Surgery rounds are held periodically allowing the interns to present cases and participate in  topic discussion.
  • The training shall be supplemented by weekly sessions of clinical conference, farm operation and data analysis, preparation of feasibility reports, project report, campaigns/ discussions in, clinical training, farm training and technology and services respectively.
  • For the purpose of internship, all necessary expenses like food, accommodation, transport, daily allowance, internship related expenses (tools, stationary, personal vaccination, etc.) shall be covered by the internship themselves. The campus/faculty/institute will provide internship allowance which must be generously utilized under the approval from their respective supervisors.
  • The intern shall maintain a log book of day to day work which may be verified    and certified by the supervisor under whom he/she works. In addition, the interns will prepare a brief project report on the basis of his/ her case study/ case analysis, survey reports etc. This shall be based on his/ her own study during the internship. Such reports can be supervised by more than one supervisor, if required. The interns shall present such report in seminar organized for the purpose.

(t)    The grading shall be based upon the evaluation of log book, their performance reports from all the minimum prescribed training postings, project report, performance evaluation scoring by their advisors/site advisors and comprehensive examination in core competence in veterinary skills conducted at the end of the program by an Evaluation Committee comprising of the faculty representing the concerned departments appointed by the Dean of the institute/faculty for this purpose.

(u)   Every Intern shall have to submit an Entrepreneurial Project during the Internship Program.

Circular Letter to Vet Instituions (pdf)

Internship Application Form of Canditates (pdf)

Internship Application Form of College/Institute (pdf)