Nepal Veterinary Council

नेपाल पशु चिकित्सा परिषद

Tripura Marg,Tripureshwor,Kathmandu

Tripureshwor, Kathmandu
Telephone: +977-1-5361210 & 5359144

Message from Chairman

The need to ensure quality veterinary service through qualified veterinary human resource for fight animal diseases and specifically the eradication of rinderpest led to the creation of the Nepal Veterinary Council as the as the national veterinary statutory body of Nepal through the promulgation of Nepal Veterinary Council Act, 2055.

Nepal, being a bonafide member of World Trade Organization and its standard setting organization – the Office International des Epizooties (OIE), has international obligation to strengthen and ensure quality of her national veterinary service, including the legislative and regulatory mechanism.  The government of Nepal wished to implement her international commitments through the establishment of the Council in line with the OIE that would enable to work together to safeguard public health through food safety and an end to the zoonoses and epizootics that were devastating the livestock industry.

The objectives described above all converge hinge on the implementation of the main mission of our organization to improve the health and the welfare of animals in the country regardless of the cultural practices or the economic situations.

I would like to welcome all visitors to our web site that will help finding answers to most of their questions on the veterinary statutory body, veterinary legislation and linkage with relevant organization involved in animal health, public health, animal welfare, animal production and food safety.